Sunday, March 16, 2008

K Mart's PS3 SALE!!! [UPDATE]

We have to say here at PSPod that this is a great deal!!! In this weeks K Mart . K Mart has a Sale on the PS3 80GB Motorstorm Pack (It's still $499) in the form of more 'bang' for your buck. The sale explains when your purchase a PS3 80gb Motorstorm pack from K Mart, you get two game included for free!!! You get the Motorstorm game that comes standard with the pack, and you can chose one of four eligible games. The eligible games are Folklore, NBA 08, Lair, and F-1 Racing - Championship Edition. Overall this is a great deal, considering you also get 5 free Blu-Ray Movies by mail!!!

UPDATE- We Were just informed that the 5 free blu-ray movie ended a month ago. Our Bad. Everything else is correct! Sorry!!!!

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