Sunday, March 16, 2008

K Mart's PS3 SALE!!! [UPDATE]

We have to say here at PSPod that this is a great deal!!! In this weeks K Mart . K Mart has a Sale on the PS3 80GB Motorstorm Pack (It's still $499) in the form of more 'bang' for your buck. The sale explains when your purchase a PS3 80gb Motorstorm pack from K Mart, you get two game included for free!!! You get the Motorstorm game that comes standard with the pack, and you can chose one of four eligible games. The eligible games are Folklore, NBA 08, Lair, and F-1 Racing - Championship Edition. Overall this is a great deal, considering you also get 5 free Blu-Ray Movies by mail!!!

UPDATE- We Were just informed that the 5 free blu-ray movie ended a month ago. Our Bad. Everything else is correct! Sorry!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Details on The Next PSP

We have from a source at Sony, who shall remain nameless, that the next iteration of the PSP will not have an USB port. Sony's next PSP will be essentially the same as the current PSP 2000, with two major changes. One being no more USB Connection. Sony plans to adapt the same technology Apple uses for the iPod Shuffle, and sync via a dock that connects to the PSP via the headphone port.

The other is in place of where the current USB connection is on the PSP. Internally there will be built in flash memory. This is also based on Apple's iPod Shuffle technology. Sony plans to introduce two models, one having a 8GB and the other with 16gb. The next PSP WILL STILL have memory stick port for additional storage.

Monday, March 3, 2008


We have an exclusive new technology that allows people with the latest version of Adobe Flash view a higher quality of the above YouTube Video, If you don't have the latest version of Adobe Flash then the above trailer won't work! So you need to click here if you have an earlier version of Flash:

We Just received from Sony the new Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters Launch Trailer for the PS2 version of the Game!!! Nothing new, just glad to see them return to the PS2!

Firmware 2.4 Announced [UPDATE]

It appears, much to the dislike of loyal PS3 fans, that IN GAME XMB WILL NOT BE COMING OUT UNTIL THIS SUMMER. It will come in Firmware 2.4! No I'm not crazy! I know were at 2.1! however, according to SCE UK boss Ray Maguire. Thats when will get the highly requested feature. The next two firmwares will be minor security updates, and not introduce any new features. SONY, YOU BETTER MAKE THE HOME BETA PUBLIC!!! You Can check out the article here:

[UPDATE] Firmware 2.4 has gained alot of buzz today on the 'net! We may be a tad off in saying that 2.4 will unveil in game XMB. Technically Maguire said In Game Messaging would come in 2.4, In Game Messaging is only a component of in Game XMB. Theoretically In Game XMB could come in the next firmware, leaving out messaging. Details are still scarce on every upcoming major update from Sony (HOME, In Game XMB, In Game Messaging, etc...) Please forgive us for our mistake, we read too much into it. However we may have two more supporting things to add to In Game Messaging, that have been previously confirmed! The first was posted on the offical site and then removed (momentarily) confirming eventually In Game Messaging would come:

The Second is difficult for us to confirm, but were going on a limb, and posting something we herd, we heard that the PlayTV launches in Europe in a few weeks time, and that will require a firmware update. If thats so that may mean at least us seeing In Game XMB released or possibly even HOME!!!! (Don't quote us on this, were not sure!)